Binance Co-founder Zhao reveal industry insights on cryptos at the Dubai Museum of Future


The crypto mogul has a heart for cryptos and Dubai

Chanpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, world’s leading crypto exchange will be the inaugural speaker at a series of talks to be held in the newly inaugurated Museum of the Future Dubai. The event curated by The Dubai Future Talks will host some of the best minds and futurists in emerging tech and science. Speakers from across the globe from diverse walks of life will grace the event.

The city of Dubai has always been special to the Binance founder Zao, so much that he bought a house in the city in Nov. 2021. Speaking to the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, Zao wholeheartedly praised the Dubai government for being very progressive and pro crypto.

Dubai was recently deemed the 10th best amongst world’s emerging competitive economies. The city has established Dubai Internet City as a hub for the world’s best tech companies and entrepreneurs (and even freelancers).

While Dubai lures some of the best talents in the world, crypto moguls like Binance founder Zhao are investing in the city to explore the future of cryptocurrency and the frontier of immersive technology like the Metaverse.

If you follow Zhao or are a crypto connoisseur or passionate about future tech in general then do walk in to the Museum of Future for a series of 9 talks (Ongoing from feb 24th till March 29)

Cover Image: Pixabay

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